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Malaga – the capital of the Malaga Province – is the largest city on the Costa del Sol, in Spain. With the typical Mediterrannean climate, this city offers tourists outstanding beaches, breathtaking architectural sites, famous art museums, and local delicacies. Tourists is also attracted by this amazing coastal city’s historical and cultural spots. Here are the six things to do in Malaga:

#1 Visit Alcazaba

Located on a hill in the middle of the city, Alcazaba is the eleventh-century-Moorish castle which is on its best condition in Spain. Visiting this old castle which offers tourists the wonderful view of the city is jotted down on the list of things to do in Malaga of many tourists. Opened all the days of the week except for Monday, this old fort with magnificent gardens comprises at the top a little Morish palace which shows a host of artifacts from its own excavations.

things to do in Malaga 1Alcabaza Castle. Source:

#2 Have a walk around Roman Theater

Beneath the Alcazaba, Roman Theater brings back to the tourists a part of Spain history. Before having a walk around this attractive Roman theater’s remains, travelers will have the chance to watch a short film and see several artifacts of this old place.

things to do in Malaga 2The remains of Roman Theatre. Source:

#3 Visit Picasso Museum

Known as where the tallented artist – Pablo Picasso – was born, it is reasonable for a lot of travelers to choose to visit Picasso Museum as one of the things to do in Malaga. This museum displays host of works such as objects, and paintings which are created by Picasso during his childhood.

MalagaPicasso Museum, Malaga. Source:

#4 Rock climb

With hilly terrain, Malaga offers tourists loads of spectacular rock climbing such as El Chorro gorge with the breathtaking pathway – Kings Walkway, Via Ferrata, and El Torcal. Taking just only 50 minutes to drive to the North West, El Chorro gorge is an amazing choice for the ones addicting to rock climb.

things to do in Malaga 4El Chorro gorge. Source:

#5 Taste sweet Malaga wine

One of the things to do in Malaga that cannot be missed is tasting the sweet Malaga wine in one of these two popular pubs: La Casa del Guardian – the oldest pub in Malaga and El Pimpi – where tourists can see lots of celebrities’ signed photos.

things to do in Malaga 5Taste sweet Malaga wine in El Pimpi. Source:

#6 Try Malaga delicacies: espeto de sardinas (grilled sardines) and pescaito frito (fried fish)

Tourists can relish espeto de sardinas and pescaito frito at any beach bars/restaurants in Malaga. Espeto de sardinas is the most popular dish knowned as sardines pierced on a bamboo stick, grilled over a fire right on the beach. Pescaito frito is all types of deep-fried fish. Travelers can choose to have a meal in El Tintero – one of the most famous and unique beach restaurants in Malaga where there is no menu. Having a meal on this restaurant and tasting those two popular dishes are the things that should be noted down on the list of things to do in Malaga.

things to do in Malaga 6Try local delicacies in El Tintero. Source:

Spending the holiday in Malaga and doing these six things will bring to tourists the wonderful experiences which cannot find fully in any other places on Earth.

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